Kaaba, The Meezab

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Islamic Wall Art Print
Commonly known as the “Outlet of Mercy”, the Meezab is situated on the edge of the Holy Kaaba, near its roof. It is a golden spout from which the rainwater that collects on the roof of the Kaaba falls into Hateem.


  • Frames are not included.
  • The Islamic Wall Art is printed on 200 gsm paper weight which makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The print is available in 3 sizes:
    • A4: 8.3x11.7" (21x29.7cm).
    • A3: 11.7x16.5" (29.7x42cm).
    • A2: 16.5x23.4" (42x59.4cm).
Size: A4 - 8.3x11.7"