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Be inspired by our Muslim Quotes from The Quran and The Prophet. Discover the beauty of your name in Arabic calligraphy, fill your wall with stunning Islamic art. And be surprised by our World Calligraphy collection. Our prints are also available for Ramadan and Eid in various sizes.

Be inspired

by The Prophet

A series of the sayings from The Prophet (pbuh) reflected into unique design prints with their original Arabic text.



The prints are available in 3 sizes:

  • A4: 8.3x11.7" (21x29.7cm).
  • A3: 11.7x16.5" (29.7x42cm).
  • A2: 16.5x23.4" (42x59.4cm).


The Muslim Quotes are printed on 200 gsm semi-glossy paper weight which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Your Name

in Calligraphy

Discover the beauty of your name in Arabic calligraphy.


Your Name, Your Style

Our Calligraphy Names are available in white and black backgrounds.

The print of the prayer for knowledge in my room is a great motivation when I'm studying.


The combination of multiple prints make the perfect frames gift set.

Aunty Aleem

Fill your walls with words

from The Quran

Inspiring verses to showcase your faith in your house. Or the perfect gift for special occasions. Each print is designed with the original Arabic text.


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