Who wrote the Quran?
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Who wrote the Quran?

In a cave, the Prophet (pbuh) received divine command 'Iqra,' marking the start of a 23-year revelation. The Holy Quran's preservation, from memory to compilation, stands as a testament to faith.

Inspired by the ProphetFathers in Islam

Fathers in Islam

In the rich tapestry of Islamic teachings, the role of fathers holds a profound significance. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) set a timeless example, emphasizing the importance of gra...

Ana has a questionDo Muslims like Christians?

Do Muslims like Christians?

Discover the common ground between Islam and Christians, where shared values transcend theological differences. Respect, tolerance, and coexistence weave a tapestry of unity and understanding.

Inspired by the ProphetSport and Islam

Sport and Islam

In Islam, exercise is a divine duty, intertwining physical health with spiritual well-being. The Prophet's example and teachings emphasize the holistic importance of a balanced and active lifestyle.